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    Printing processLocation: Home 》Printing process

    Printing process
    1, the customer online or hotline
    2, professional service staff come to discuss communication
    3, to pay advances processing contract signed print
    4, pre-graphic design
    5, the customer proofing changes
    6, the customer Kam final word
    7, the printing machine
    8, post-processing
    9, product testing
    10, finished packing and shipping site
    Second, the printing process
    1, a film, proofing
    2, make-up, the CTP version
    3, the printing machine
    4, post-processing
    5, test factory

    First, the printing business processes

    Third, the post-processing
    1, binding (plastic equipment, hardcover, saddle stitching, stitching, stripped-down, sticky side)
    2, folding (two fold, three fold, discount, half of the amount, etc.)
    3, film (bright film, dumb film), polishing, oil (partial, full), UV (local, all).
    4, general nausea cut (rectangular, round, round, oval), nausea shaped cut, gold foil (gold, silver), from the convex
    5, wall paper (envelopes, bag, box, hardcover book cover)

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