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    Jiashun the printing and packaging ltd was founded in 1998, is a design, fabrication and printing in the modern enterprises, a company engaged in commercial printing, their pages, newspapers, journals, colour, picture books and print producing. it is the printed association, the shenzhen municipal government procurement unit designated supplier, and it is the most competitive manufacturers. commercial printing
    Well as printing a collection of a group of experience and innovative idea forward, flat, and in front of the printing of planning proposal for the arrest and improve the design of a new way. the printing of the four colour, often distorted forms are four or eight on four color presses wait for the advanced printing equipment, printed output devices ctp before and after a series of fine word bindery equipment. the client first-class products to catch for a guarantee.
    Well as printing the spirit of sincerity is responsible for the pioneering spirit of mutual trust, the company to build the bridges, still pursuing advanced professional, enterprising innovating concept and innovation, the direct printing is the core of the value and spiritual wealth. the company pays attention to the modern scientific management and brands development, to catch up quality of service, customer satisfaction, overdone customers expectation. the company has been associated with the group, and northern spirit, the electrical appliances, the bank of china, industrial and commercial bank, bank, the people's livelihood baoanqu
    nanbo group for the government and established a long-term partnership, the product has won the recognition of the customer. the direct printing will continue to make unremitting efforts of the best product to market, and would like to cooperate with discerning, and co-creates resplendence tomorrow.

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